PROJECTS - Multi-family Residential

Residential Projects Performed on Multiple Properties.

Sam Divati provided electrical design and construction services for variety of low-rise and high-rise multi-family residential units. Design for a multi-family residential building requires a number of items to be considered. There is a variety of people with various ages, health conditions, mobility and capabilities that live in multi-family residential buildings. We have successfully designed the electrical system for vast number of existing multi-family residential buildings with various services shown below.

The following is a list of the services that we have provided:

  1. Electrical Car Charging Stations
  2. Washer-dryer study.
  3. Laundry room expansion.
  4. Washer-dryer addition to apartment units that have no spare electric capacity.
  5. Changing of individual apartment HVAC unit with a different type, such as P-TEC or window unit.
  6. Electric utility load calculations.
  7. Apartment riser load calculations.
  8. Replacement of Federal Pacific electrical panels.
  9. Replacement of old main distribution panels.
  10. Replacement of old main switchboards.
  11. Upgrading electrical rooms up to current codes.
  12. Providing a proper grounding for all electrical systems in all buildings.
  13. Design lightning system.
  14. Design additional outdoor site lighting.
  15. Design minimum lighting foot candle recommendations in walkways to avoid any dark spots.
  16. Fire pump addition upgrade/recommendations.
  17. Connection of fire pump to emergency generator.
  18. Modernization of elevator electrical system.
  19. Connection of elevator (s) to emergency generator.
  20. Limiting power outages to the elevators during construction.
  21. Providing generator or emergency power to the elevator and all its components.
  22. Upgrading emergency lighting in high-rise or low-rise, multi-family residential units.
  23. Design for fire alarm system.
  24. Reviewing fire alarm system proposals by a contractor.
  25. Provide recommendations for infrared scan of electrical system.
  26. Electric utility service evaluation and upgrade.
  27. Total building electrical system evaluation.
  28. Evaluation of existing fire pump and upgrade of the electrical connection to the fire pump.
  29. Connection of fire pump to the emergency generator