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Electrical/Lighting: Senior Electrical Engineer & President: Sam Davati, P.E.


Sam Davati, PE is the Senior Electrical Engineer with over 28 years in Power Distribution and Lighting Systems. Mr. Davati's experience has focused on designing electrical power distribution, emergency generator system, Generator Parallel system, UPS Redundant System, fire alarm, security, PMCS/Monitoring, lightning protection, special grounding, telephone and public address systems for these types of facilites: computer room and telecommunication facilities, industrial, commercial, institutional, federal, military, multifamily residential, clinical, medical, laboratory, hazardous areas, and residential buildings.

While performing electrical engineering projects, Mr. Davati, provided Design Reviews, Facility Surveys, Project Management, Construction Administration, Construction Inspection, Utilization Studies, Site Evaluations and Quality Control. Building Life Cycle Cost Analysis (BLCC), Energy Audits, ASEAM and FEDS-2 Energy program by DOE.

D2 Engineering
Electrical Engineer MD